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2023 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of our 2023 Silver Star Communications Scholarship awards!

  • Bianca Cuellar
  • Kevin Hernandez
  • Jenna Letham
  • Sydney Garcia
  • Brynlie Moss
  • Adrian Quezada
  • Brooke Tibbitts
  • Lily Wilcox
  • Mackenzie Buchanan
  • Avery Hanberg
  • McKell Merritt
  • Zipaya Somsen
  • Taylor Anderson
  • Derek Astle
  • Brandon Beck
  • Bridger Brog
  • Braydon Clark
  • Holly Draney
  • Janie England
  • Ashlyn Harris
  • Raynee Holtman
  • Wyatt Nelson
  • Triston Starcer
  • Alysha Tolman

Seniors in Teton County, Star Valley, Swan Valley, and Teton Valley, Idaho are eligible for Silver Star Communications Scholarship Awards which are given based on demonstrated need, scholastic achievement, and extracurricular activities.  Learn more at