Outage in Rigby

UPDATE 10:30pm This outage has been resolved. If you are still experiencing difficulty, try power cycling your equipment. Then give us a call at 877.883.2411. UPDATE 8:00 pm A new cabinet and equipment is being placed on site in Rigby and services are estimated to return near midnight tonight. OUTAGE 2:30 pm There is a large outage affecting customers in Rigby due to vehicle damage to a distribution cabinet. Techs are investigating repairs and an estimated time of service return. Updates will be posted here.

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Community service projects allow Silver Star team members to give back with time and labor in support of the wonderful organizations the work to enhance quality of life in our community. It always proved to be a team-building experience as well!

All team members are encouraged to take part in a group community service project on company time. We typically have 10-12 projects per year. Projects are a half day in length. Each service team project is organized by a designated leader and new leaders are chosen each year so everyone gets to have the experience of organizing a project and leading a group.

If you have an idea for a project and would like to have it considered by a Silver Star community service team, please email lgrimsley@silverstar.net.

Check out the slideshow below to see some recent community service projects.