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Home Zone Premium

To get the most out of your internet connection, you need a high-quality home Wi-Fi network. That’s why we include Home Zone Premium service with all our internet plans.

Silver Star Home Zone App – You’re in Control

Home Wi-Fi network control at your fingertips! Welcome to the future with the ultimate Wi-Fi system. The Silver Star Home Zone app gives you easy access to a snapshot view of your home or small business network. To begin, download the Silver Star Home Zone app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and install it onto your phone or tablet. The app is loaded with features allowing you to:

  • ​Easily and quickly set up a network for guests
  • View the number of connected devices​ by category
  • Quickly see any important notifications​
  • ​Run bandwidth tests within and outside of your home network
  • ​See how much bandwidth is used by each device on your network
  • Disable applications
  • Ensure network security

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Enhanced Parental Controls – Additional Security to Keep Your Kids Safe

Also available with the app, Enhanced Parental Controls keep your kids safe by letting your device be the eyes on the back of your head. Not only does this allow you to set up profiles and assign devices for basic Wi-Fi on/off control, but it also provides content filtering allowing the ability to add website filters, app filters and the ability to view profile usage. The content filtering feature gives you the ability to block types of web content that you don’t want young eyes to see.

$9.99 a month.


Premium Wi-Fi Extenders – Don’t Be Weak!

If needed, you can take your Wi-Fi coverage a step further with Premium Wi-Fi Extenders. These extenders provide more efficient coverage in your home for better performance. Our Silver Star Technicians can work with you to help determine if Premium Wi-Fi extenders are right for your home.

$5.99 a month.

How-to Videos

Get the most out of your Silver Star internet service and the Home Zone App. Learn more below and, if you haven’t already, consider signing up for Experience IQ (or Enhanced Parental Controls).

Unmatched Wi-Fi Performance with a Premium Equipment

Silver Star’s GigaSpire Blast delivers unmatched performance to deliver the ultimate Wi-Fi experience thanks to the latest and greatest Wi-Fi 6 technology, including massive Wi-Fi coverage expansion, throughput, and increases in bandwidth.


Wi-Fi 6 – The Next Generation

Better, faster, stronger, smarter! Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices connected to your network allow for higher data transfer rates and increased capacity resulting in a more efficient network. Wi-Fi 6 enhances performance when you have many connected devices and improves the power efficiencies of your devices.


Network Security – Extra Protection for Your Home Network

Network security works quietly in the background to provide an extra layer of protection against malicious traffic. Data coming into your network will be scanned for viruses and other malicious content and you will receive a notification if content was blocked. This will show as a notification within the main menu item in your app.

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