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Silver Star Communications has been providing funds to the communities it serves for nearly 70 years. We are grateful for and support local organizations that work to make our communities healthy, sustainable places to live and work.

How does the Caring for Community program work?

Early each year, we will post an application on this website. Nonprofit organizations in Idaho and Western Wyoming are invited to apply. Simply fill out the form by the date indicated. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application in early March. Each year Silver Star budgets a certain amount to contribute to the program. A committee is formed, and this committee reviews all applications at one time and chooses recipients.

Idaho and Western Wyoming nonprofits should review the sponsorship form to see if it fits their request. Any questions can be addressed to

How are organizations chosen?

Silver Star strives to lead by example and support organizations whose mission is to sustain the quality of life and our community’s unique character for future generations. The committee weighs areas of high need in the community and tries to ensure that donations have as wide an impact as possible. The application for funding is project-based and requests information about how the funds will be used.

Is your request for a donation or a sponsorship?

The Caring for Community program is for donation requests and is not intended for event sponsorships. If your organization is seeking funds for an event or program in which Silver Star will receive marketing opportunities and brand promotion such as advertising, banner placement, website recognition, etc., your request will be considered a sponsorship opportunity. Simple recognition of Silver Star as a donor to your organization does not qualify as a sponsorship. Please email us with questions or fill out a sponsorship request form.