Tetonia Outage

8:30 pm - This outage has been resolved. If, after power cycling your device, you still have issue, please call 877.883.2411 and select 2 for technical support. 5:45 pm - Techs are working diligently on-site to resolve this issue. There is no ETA at this time. 4:15 pm Update: Technicians are still working to restore service. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this outage. 3 pm Update: Estimated time for restoration of service is now 3:30-4 due to road construction delays impacting the delivery of hardware to the site. There is currently a voice and internet outage affecting customers in the Tetonia area. Techs are on site working to resolve the issue.

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Every year Silver Star gives back to the communities we serve to support nonprofit groups.

We welcome proposals for sponsorships – mutually beneficial agreements whereby either our financial or in-kind support gives Silver Star visibility and promotional opportunities with the sponsored group or events. Not all sponsorships are event specific, but most are. Sponsorships don’t necessarily have to be for nonprofits – we support economic development initiatives and events as well.

If you have a question about whether you should request a donation or a sponsorship please check out our donations page. Remember, that in general, a sponsor gets something in return for their sponsorship whereas a donation is simply a gift.

Our sponsorship committee meets once per month. Therefore, please submit your application at least one month in advance of when you need to hear back about the sponsorship.

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