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Update: As of 7:30 pm the outage in Afton has been resolved. If you continue to experience issues, please try power cycling your equipment.

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Welcome! We are so glad you are interested in fiber high-speed internet!

If you know that your address is already within a designated Fiberhood, please select your location from the list below. If you are not sure, or just want to indicate your interest in fiber, please use the address look up tool.

October 30 Update: Sign ups for the southern Star Valley CARES Fiberhood are now closed. We are working against the weather and funding deadline to connect everyone who signed up by October 16 and those on the wait list who signed up between October 16 and October 30. Please be aware that there are a large number of connections that still need to be constructed from the street to the premises. These connections are weather dependent and may need to wait until the spring of 2021 if we are not able to continue construction due to dropping temperatures and frozen ground. If you have any questions, please call 307.883.2411

October 14 Update: Any sign-ups for the southern Star Valley CARES Fiberhood that take place after the October 16 deadline will be added to a wait list. Silver Star will connect these locations as time and resources allow. However, if construction cannot be done in 2020 due to late sign ups, it will then become the responsibility of the property owner to pay for the construction of the fiber drop at a later date.

September Update: We are currently prioritizing our two CARES Act funded projects, one in southern Star Valley and the other in Driggs. This is due to our obligation to complete both in 2020. As equipment and labor resources allow (not to mention weather!) work will continue on the original list of 2020 Fiberhoods. Unfortunately, some won’t be completed until 2021. Thank you for your patience as we do our best to bring fiber optic cable to as many places as possible.

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Victor, ID
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