Service Impact - Western Idaho

RESOLVED 1:22 PM: We are pleased to inform you that the residual issues have been resolved, and voice and internet services should now be fully restored for all customers. If you are still experiencing any issues, please contact our tech support team for assistance. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

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Alpine Hill

We are in your area this summer installing Fiber Optic along with power. We will do our best not to disrupt traffic caused by the tight area available to build in. Your new fiber connection will be $350 for the connection fee during the summer. Please sign up today by calling 307-883-2411 so we can get your connection installed while crews are in the area.

Harmony Creek

We are working on the engineering to install fiber optics in your area. We are planning to start and complete construction this summer. During construction we will be working hard not to disrupt your access to and from your home. A representative will contact you when service is available.

Star Valley Ranch RV Park

We have started construction in the RV park this summer. This is a large task and will take two years to complete. We started in the south and are working our way north. We will be working hard to get your service as soon as possible.  In October we will return and continue working in the area, so as not to disrupt your summer. The copper connection you are currently on is reaching its life expectancy so please transfer over to fiber. We will contact you when fiber services are available.

Coming Soon

Forest Dell 2025

We have been building in the Forest Dell area this year and completed the Spring build and we are working to get the spring build customers up and running. We are working hard to get all projects done in the short summer build season. We are trying to find the resources to complete the Forest Dell area late fall if possible. If not, we will start the build in Spring of 2025. Your current service will be continued until fiber is available. We look forward to working with you in the next year. We will contact you when service is available.