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If you’re looking for fast, reliable internet in eastern Idaho and western Wyoming, Silver Star is your best choice. Here’s why:.

  • Silver Star’s fiber network is designed with redundant rings for maximum reliability and 99.9% uptime.
  • Up to 1 Gig speeds available on fiber.
  • We constantly invest in upgrading and expanding our network to meet the growing bandwidth demands of our customers.
  • Direct connectivity to National Internet Exchange Points for lag-free experience.
  • Superior video streaming services with local cache servers.
  • Our customers consistently rank us highly for responsiveness and personalized customer service.

While we’re in the process of expanding our fiber network by building out our Silver Star fiberhoods, we also provide internet through DSL and fixed wireless in our more remote service areas. Internet speeds and prices vary depending on the delivery method (sample pricing is available in the Terms of Service section under the Internet tab).

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Remember that the plan appropriate for your needs will depend on the number of people in your household online, the number of connected devices, and the kinds of apps and programs you use. Streaming and gaming require more bandwidth than web-surfing and email.

If you want to learn more about Silver Star’s 5-year plan to expand fiber in our legacy serving areas of Star Valley, Swan Valley and Teton Valley, visit the Fiberhood Info section of the website.

Home Zone Premium

To get the most out of your internet connection, you need a high-quality home Wi-Fi network. That’s why we include Home Zone Premium service with all our internet plans.  Click below to learn about your Home Zone Premium service including the Home Zone App, Network Security settings and advanced features like ExperienceIQ parental controls.

Hard times?

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