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July 3, 2023

How To Find The Best Business Internet Provider For Your Company

It cannot be overstated how critical the Internet is to our business. Some businesses, large or small, rely on the Internet almost exclusively, such as marketing, customer service, communications, online retail, and more. Other companies may only use the Internet for shipping and receiving, ordering materials and supplies, or communicating with clients or customers. No matter the business, from medical services to automotive services, our business internet service providers have to be reliable and available at all times. What provider we choose depends on our needs as business owners and users.

Speed Of Internet Service

This may be the most important thing we look for when choosing a business internet provider, as any service for work-related internet really does need to be fast. Slow internet business service will disrupt communications with our customers and employees. If our businesses depend on software, a slow internet could be disruptive when we need to use the software. If a call center or customer service-based company utilizes VoIP (voice over internet protocol), slow internet could make or break productivity with the business phone system. As business owners, we need to make sure the business internet provider we choose is able to provide fast internet service reliably. Thinking about how much our business depends on the internet for daily work and how much of that also depends on software and applications, we should determine how fast of a plan we need and make sure our chosen provider can deliver it.

Cost Of The Business Internet Service

Another consideration we have to discuss is cost. Every business, large or small, has to abide by a budget. The speed of our internet must be balanced by how much of our budget we spend on internet service. Prices for business internet plans vary a lot, depending on where our business is located, how many special features we need for productivity and other possible factors. When searching for a business internet service, we should think about how much internet speed and functions we need, then compare the costs of plans between business internet service providers in our area.

Will The Business Internet Service Be Able To Grow Along With The Business

This is a factor that not all business owners may consider-future the growth of our business. Will the internet service provider be able to handle future growth, and what are the costs and services associated with that growth? Can the plan or package be modified over time? If we add new employees, will new connections be able to be made easily? How expensive will upgrading be? How soon will our business need new equipment, like VoIP business phone systems, computer equipment, etc? Will these new needs work with our current plan? Look for flexibility for growth in any plan you are thinking about and with internet service providers for businesses.

Which Type Of Internet Connection Works Best For My Business

There are several types of business internet connections available currently. The most common are:

  • Cable modem (runs through the same cables used for cable tv)
  • Fiber-broadband (connection runs through fiber optic cable.)
  • Wireless radio link 5G
  • Satellite-think Starlink
  • BPL-broadband over powerline, but currently very limited
  • DSL-digital subscriber line

Which of these is best for our business really depends on the business location, how much internet speed is needed to keep our business running seamlessly, which types of business internet service are available in our area, and what our budget is. Now that we have a pretty good idea of what we need, how much we can spend, what is available in our area, and how much flexibility for future growth we may need, we can compare different business internet services in our area and find the provider that will be optimal for our businesses.