Beware of Phishing Scam

We have received several reports about a phishing scam claiming to be from Silver Star Communications, asking you to log in to update your account for security purposes. Do NOT click on any links or attachments from this email. If you receive an email like this, please disregard it and do not enter any personal information. Stay vigilant and contact our Customer Success department if you are unsure about an email's authenticity.

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Now that you’ve submitted your information, you might be wondering what’s next, right?

First – The Serviceability/Qualification Conversation

Our team is working hard behind the scenes to determine whether or not we are currently able to serve your area based on the information you have submitted to us. If you are in a serviceable area we will reach out to you via phone or text message to help you finalize setting up your Silver Star Fiber Internet Service.

Be prepared with the number of devices you have in your home, the speed you would were thinking about, your basic information (Serviceable Address) and have a method of payment ready so we can set up your account.

We will be calling you, so please make sure to answer when we call. Or you can call us directly if you’d like and we can help you that way – 877.566.3142 We are as excited to send our Local Team to set up your account as much as you are to get an incredible service from us!

Second – The Construction Process

Now that we have your account set up, we can begin the construction process. As you may or may not know, we typically will install our main lines somewhere close to your home. Once the conduit is run from the box close to the road (“Manhole”) to your home, we will then bring the fiber from that “Manhole” to the junction box on the outside of your home.

For some customers, you may have to pay to have the conduit installed from the “Manhole” to your junction box. Ask our Customer Service team about this process and they can give you more insights.

Once that is done, your technicians are ready to come to your home and run the fiber line from your junction box to your ONT, or the box we connect the Fiber Internet to. From the ONT, we will then connect that to a router (either or one of ours – again ask the Customer Service team about this).

Once we connect you to the router, you are LIVE and ready to go!

We are excited to serve you, again with our Local Team!

Please check your email for a confirmation and expect to hear from us within a few business days to complete your order.