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Choosing The Right Business Phone System: A Guide To Key Features

No matter the size of our businesses, if we interact with clients and customers regularly over the phone, or use  VOIP (voice over internet protocol), we are going to want a secure and reliable business phone and internet system.  Here are some key points to consider when choosing the right business phone and internet provider.

  1. Call Management: A business phone system that offers call management features can help ensure that calls are handled efficiently and professionally. For example, call forwarding can route calls to another number if the primary line is busy or unavailable, while call waiting alerts the user to an incoming call while they are already on a call. Call transfer allows the user to transfer a call to another person or department, while voicemail can record messages when calls cannot be answered.
  2. Conference Calling: Conference calling is a useful feature for businesses that need to communicate with multiple people at once, such as during team meetings or client calls. Look for a business phone system that offers conference calling capabilities with the ability to mute and unmute participants, as well as share screens and files.
  3. Integration with Other Communication Tools: Integrating a business phone system with other communication tools can help streamline communication and increase productivity. For example, integration with email and messaging platforms allows users to manage all of their communication in one place. Look for a business phone system that offers integration with popular tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom.
  4. Mobile Capabilities: With remote work becoming increasingly common, it’s important to choose a business phone and internet system that can support mobile capabilities. Look for a system that allows employees to make and receive calls from their mobile devices, as well as access voicemail and other features. Some systems may also offer mobile apps with additional features, such as call recording and analytics.
  5. Call Recording: Call recording can be a useful feature for businesses that need to record calls for training, quality assurance, or compliance purposes. Look for a business phone system that offers this feature with the ability to automatically or manually record calls, as well as store and access recordings securely.
  6. Auto-Attendant: An auto-attendant is a feature that can help direct callers to the appropriate department or employee. Look for a business phone system that offers this feature with customizable greetings and options, such as the ability to press a number to reach a specific department or speak with a live operator.
  7. Analytics and Reporting: Analytics and reporting capabilities can provide valuable insights into call volume, call duration, and other metrics. This information can help businesses optimize their phone systems and improve customer service. Look for a business phone system and business internet system that offers analytics and reporting features with the ability to generate reports and analyze data in real-time.
  8. Security: Security is an important consideration for any business phone system, especially for businesses that handle sensitive information. Look for a system that offers encryption and other security measures to protect against hacking, data breaches, and other threats.  Business internet providers will be able to give more details about the security.
  9. Scalability: As businesses grow and evolve, their phone systems may need to scale up to accommodate new users and features. Look for a business phone system that can easily add new lines, features, and users as needed, without requiring significant downtime or disruption.
  10. Customer Support: Finally, consider the level of customer support offered by the business phone system and business internet service provider. Look for a provider that offers 24/7 support, with knowledgeable and responsive technicians to address any issues that may arise. Some providers may also offer training and resources to help businesses get the most out of their phone systems.

We know it is a lot to contemplate and decide on, but by addressing these key points you will be able to choose the ideal phone system and business internet services in and around Idaho Falls.