Data Center

data backup services from silver star communications
Data back-up and security is so essential it should be automatic.

Be prepared, minimize disruption to your business, and protect the valuable systems and databases that your business depends on with data center services from Silver Star.

Our range of services all contribute to your disaster recovery and business resumption plans:

  • Simple data backup
  • Co-location of your equipment
  • Full-scale and fully supported hosted production environments

Silver Star’s secure data center is located in Afton, Wyoming, and made available to clients around the country. Silver Star internet customers will benefit from direct Layer 2 connections to the data center, with the following benefits:

  • Lowest network latency possible
  • Increased security – no data is sent over public internet
  • Ease of provisioning
  • Eliminates the need to manage additional VPN access and firewall rules.

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