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Keep it simple with one provider for all your business communication needs.

Communication is key to running a successful business. With Silver Star’s expertise, we can manage your communication technology needs so that you can focus on what you do best…serving your customers.


Make your Wi-Fi network our problem, not yours.

A great internet connection is just the start. You also need a secure Wi-Fi network provides a great user experience throughout your location. Silver Star can design and engineer a Wi-Fi solution that is scalable to add more connectivity as your business grows. 

Downtime is painful! Silver Star’s Wi-Fi service and support keeps you up and running with immediate access to help when you need it.

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Data Center

Accidents happen. Systems crash. People make mistakes. Be prepared.

Minimize disruption to your business by protecting valuable systems and databases that your business depends on. With secure off-site back up, colocation and other Data Center solutions from Silver Star, you’ll have access to a private and reliable connection from your business to your off-site data offering you security and peace of mind.

Our off-site Data Center offers your business access to state-of-the-art hardware, saving you money by avoiding additional equipment, software and maintenance costs.

Other Data Center service benefits:

·   Add capacity for scalability as you grow
·   Secure colocation with multi factor authentication and video security
·   Reliable and secure Silver Star backbone – off the public internet
·   Multiple routes for reliable internet access for colocated equipment
·   Automated backups – fail safe
·   Backup power to keep it running in extended power outages
·   Virtual access appears as if it is in your backroom
·   Best in class cooling and fire suppression
·   Backup and restore in case of catastrophic events
·   Geographic Redundancy provides off-site safety
·   Crypto virus protection for decreased downtime

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Security Solutions

Know who is coming and going and when.

With Silver Star’s access control solutions, you can head out for the night or weekend knowing that your business is protected 24/7.

Whether it’s simply unlocking doors, giving access permissions to employees and contractors, or full-scale surveillance video, Silver Star can help protect your business to ensure employee safety and secure assets and property.

Other Security Benefits Include:

·   Door Access/Video integration
·   Secure sensitive information and prevent data breaches
·   Easily grant and revoke access as necessary in seconds
·   Access options include card keys or tokens, smart phones or even biometrics
·   App to allow or deny access
·   Reduce theft and increase employee safety
·   Control access across multiple entrances
·   Integration with heating/lighting to save energy costs

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