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, April 20, 2022

Wireless Exit FAQs

In light of our recent announcement about sunsetting our cellular service in Star Valley, we’ve been following some questions and comments on social media and will provide written answers on this page and video answers on our YouTube channel.

Is Silver Star selling their Star Valley cellular towers to another carrier?

Silver Star did engage the national carriers to see if there might be interest in acquiring our Star Valley network and nothing came to fruition. We have no current plans to sell our towers in Star Valley and we will continue to maintain the spectrum in support of our Fixed Wireless Internet (LTE) customers in very remote areas.

Is my landline or hosted phone system going to change with Silver Star’s announcement of exiting the wireless business?

No! Your landline and hosted phone solution will be unaffected. We are a communications company first and we have a continued commitment to providing land and cloud based telephone and broadband services for the long haul.

What about my phone payment plan?

For those customers who have purchased phones from Silver Star on payment plans, they can either pay off their phone or Silver Star will continue to bill customers until the phone is paid for. As the phone and service are separate, customers can still switch to another carrier while the phone is being paid for.  

What are my options for other cellular phone carriers?

Customers are welcome to switch to any carrier that best fits their needs at any time. However, we do have a relationship with a company called Telispire that is offering a $25 discount for each line for the first month if you switch. Telispire offers plans and service similar to the national carriers. You can contact them toll free at 1-855-229-5411. It is important to note that every carrier, Silver Star included, is going to have areas in the Valley with irregular coverage depending on the location.

What info do I need to port my wireless service from Silver Star to another carrier?

Your name as it appears on your Silver Star wireless account, account number and password. If you are unsure of what these are, please feel free to reach out during business hours and we can get you this information.

Please note that the intermediary we use for port requests operates from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm weekdays. Requests made on weekends or in the evening will take until the next business day to process.

What is Wi-Fi Calling and how will it help me with spotty cellular coverage?

Make sure you have Wi-Fi Calling activated on your phone. This will ensure that while on Wi-Fi you can make calls over the Wi-Fi network, which will give you better voice service where there is spotty cellular coverage. You can find this under Cellular Settings on your phone. For more specific directions view this blog post.

How long can I keep my Silver Star cellular service?

Customers are welcome to continue with Silver Star’s Star Valley cellular service but need to be aware the service will be turned down on December 30, 2022.

Can I use my Silver Star device as a trade-in when I transfer cellular service to a new provider?

Customers with phone payment plans with us will need to either pay off their phones or will continue to be billed by Silver Star for the duration of the original payment plan regardless of whether a trade-in was made with their new carrier.

Feel free to connect with us via Live Chat with any further questions.