Internet Only Plans Updated

We hope you are getting the most out of your new Internet package! Our Internet-only plans were designed to give you the speed you need, at great value, all on the best network without requiring an Internet-only fee or full landline.

Starting in December every Internet-only customer now has a free phone number tied to their account for the purpose of data traffic transmission and connection. We hope you enjoy this added value!

Here is what you need to know:

  • You are not required to use this service, but should you choose to, you can plug in a landline phone for emergency access.
  • This new line gives you access to unlimited incoming calls, 911 and 30 minutes of outgoing calling should you need it.
  • You will never face any long distance charges. We have opted you out of long distance. Should you decide you want long distance access, please call us to upgrade to our Safety Line or landline.
  • This number will not be listed in the phone book.
  • Starting in January your bill will show your Total Internet Package plus will list the FREE phone line.
  • If you experience static when trying to make a call, you may need a phone filter and can pick one up from any one of our locations free of charge.

Emergency – Data Transmission Number: Please reference your invoice.