Wireless Phone Repair

Silver Star Communications strives to resolve any difficulties with your wireless phone as quickly as possible. Below you will find the various avenues to repair your phone. We know what an inconvenience it can be to go without your phone, which is why we have a loaner phone program available to our customers while your phone is away for repair.

Option 1: Repair

If your phone is less than 1 year old and the damage qualifies for warranty, Silver Star will send in your phone to the manufacturer for repair. This process takes on average 8 weeks.

If your phone is older than 1 year and is no longer under manufacturer warranty or if you prefer not to submit a warranty claim, Silver Star’s repair technician can evaluate the phone and provide an estimate for repair. If Silver Star repairs your phone under an existing warranty, the warranty will be voided.

Option 2: Upgrade your Phone

If your damaged phone was purchased with a 24 month payment plan and you have not paid it off, you will need to pay the balance on it before you can get a new phone on a payment plan. In cases of good credit and payment history, Silver Star may allow a new phone to be purchased with a 24-month phone payment plan, and payments on both phones can be made at once.