Wireless Phone Support

You will find several common problems below that you may be able to resolve on your own. If you are unable to find a solution to the problem you are experiencing, please contact us at 611 from your mobile device. For more information on warranty and repairs, click here.

My phone won’t make or receive calls.

Your phone may be frozen or locked. When this happens, remove the battery for 5 seconds, then reinsert the battery and power up your phone. In most cases, your phone will return to normal. If you still are having problems, please bring your phone to Silver Star and we will be happy to examine it.

My phone display reads “No Service.”

If you are inside a building or structure, you may need to go near a window or outside. Silver Star does not promise service inside of buildings. Sometimes, phones are unable to pick up a signal inside because of a building’s architecture. If you are within the Silver Star Service Area, you should be able to place a call while near a window and/or you have signal showing on your phone. If you are still having problems with service, contact Silver Star.

What is that little triangle on my screen?

The little triangle in the notification area on your screen means you’re roaming. When you’re out of Silver Star’s service area, this is normal as you are using towers from other carriers that we have agreements with. However, if you see the triangle while you are in your home area, you are not receiving a signal from Silver Star towers due to an outage or your phone not being able to receive the signal. Most of the time, a simple reset will fix the problem. In your roaming settings, change the setting to ‘home only’ then change back to ‘automatic’.

  • Androids (MOTO, SAMSUNG, HTC): Menu/Settings/Wireless & networks/mobile networks/system select
  • MOTO Feature phone: Menu/Settings/Phone/Network Selection or Menu/Settings/Network/Set Mode
  • LG Feature phone: Menu/Settings/System/Network/Select System or Menu/Settings/System/Network or Menu/Settings/Phone Setting/System Select
  • Samsung feature phone: Menu/Settings/Phone Settings/System Select
  • BlackBerry’s: Menu/Manage Connections/Mobile Network Options/Network Selection Mode

I hear a fast busy signal when I try to make a call.

If you are using the phone during a high phone usage period, the network could be busy and unable to complete your call. You should attempt your call again in a few minutes. Poor reception may also cause a fast busy signal: check to see if your phone has an adequate signal to place the call.

I hear static when I use my phone.

Make sure that the battery has adequate power: a low battery charge can cause static. When you hear static, check to see how many reception bars your phone is displaying; if you only hear static in certain areas, you could be in a poor reception area. If you hear static whenever you use the phone and regardless of where you are, it could be damaged or defective and may need to be replaced. Other factors that can cause static are weather or other electrical interference.

I hear a recording whenever I try to make a call.

Listen to the recording and make a note of the message. Contact a Silver Star and the representative will assist you in determining why you are hearing a recording and what you should do.

I hear feedback when I use my phone.

Hearing feedback is usually due the volume being set to high. Turn the volume down to eliminate feedback.

My phone was exposed to water or liquid.

Let your phone dry for a few days. If your phone does not work after it is dry, you will probably need to replace it. Your phone’s manufacturer warranty does not cover the replacement of a phone that has been damaged by liquid or has other non-manufacturer defects. Click here for warranty and repair information.

My phone is beeping.

Your phone could be beeping because the battery is low and should be charged. Some phones also beep after receiving a voicemail message.

My phone does not ring when people call me.

It is possible that you accidentally pressed a button and silenced your phone’s ringer. You may also be forwarding your calls to another number. Consult the owner’s instruction manual that came with the phone to find out how to check these settings.

My phone keeps turning off.

When your phone keeps turning off, this usually means that your battery needs to be charged. If the problem persists even when the battery seems to be fully charged, you may need to purchase a new battery or replace the phone.

My phone will not turn on.

The phone’s battery may not have enough power to power the phone on. Try to power your phone up again after charging the battery.

There are several other reasons that could cause the phone to be unable to power up:

  • There may be a problem with your cigarette lighter adapter or battery charger. Check to see that the phone’s battery is charging properly.
  • There could be a loose connection inside of the phone.
  • There could be corrosion on the phone’s battery.
  • The phone could have a bad fuse.

I can make local calls but not long distance calls.

Your phone may not have the feature code for long distance turned on. When making a long distance call, dial the area code and the number you are trying to dial (it is not necessary to dial a 1 in front of the area code). To find out if your phone has the correct codes for your rate plan, contact Silver Star.

When I am using my phone, people can’t hear me even though I am able to hear them.

Make sure you are in an area with a strong signal. If the signal is weak, you may experience problems when placing calls. Also, make sure the volume is turned up on your phone; it is easy to accidentally turn the volume down. If the problem persists, you may have a defective phone. Visit a Silver Star store and we will be happy to examine it.

All of my calls are being directed to Silver Star.

Your phone has been “hot lined”; in other words, your calls are being directed to Silver Star because of a billing or service issue. Contact Silver Star and a representative will be able to restore your service.

I have tried all your suggestions and my phone still does not work.

If you cannot fix the problem, please bring your phone to a Silver Star store and we will be happy to examine it. If your phone must be sent to the manufacturer for repair, Silver Star will provide you with a loaner phone to use while yours is being repaired. Click here for information on warranty and repairs.