Landline Support

The first thing to determine is whether or not one of the devices in your home is causing interference on your landline phone line. Follow these basic steps to determine if your service is being affected within the home or outside the home.

  • Unplug all phones from their phone jacks.
  • If you have satellite TV, unplug the jack that the satellite is plugged into.
  • Unplug your Internet line from the wall phone jack.
  • Unplug all cordless phones from their power outlets.
  • Unplug any fax machines or other devices you may have plugged into a phone jack.
  • Once you have all devices unplugged from phone jacks, wait 5 minutes.
  • Plug one basic, CORDED, working phone back into a phone jack. Test each jack in the home to verify that all jacks are working.
  • If all jacks are working with the test phone, test each of your other phones using this same method to verify that the phones themselves are not broken.

Do you hear a dialtone?

No. Contact us and we will help you troubleshoot.

Yes. One of your devices is likely causing interference or you may have a problem with your inside wiring. A few possibilities are listed below. Silver Star technicians are available to assist you in determining the source of your problem. If you subscribe to inside wire maintenance, we will visit your home at no additional charge to resolve your problem. Otherwise, our technicians are available for an hourly rate of $52.

Cordless phones

Cordless phones cause low voltage shorts which hold the line open. This happens mostly when phones haven’t been charged completely, they are old, or the batteries are getting bad. If you hear a fast busy signal, this usually means that your phone is causing interference. You can try new batteries or a new phone.

Satellite Dishes

If you have DSL Internet and Satellite television, you should have a DSL filter installed between the receiver and the wall jack.

DSL Internet Filters

If you have DSL Internet service, you should have a DSL filter installed between the each telephone and wall jack (not between the wall jack and your DSL modem).

Wireless Internet Routers

If you have a wireless internet router that is the same frequency as your cordless phones, this may cause static or clarity problems with your telephone service.