Wi-Fi Internet

Let Silver Star provide you with a worry-free, high-quality wireless home network. With more and more users and devices being connected to home networks, Silver Star can help you optimize your home Wi-Fi network to maximize the performance of your connected devices.

Home Zone includes:

  • A premium-grade router
  • Remote support
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site router installation
  • Optimal router location
  • Network Security and Password Protection Assistance
  • ONLY $4.99/month

Add Home Zone to your internet plan

Terms & Conditions

The standard initial in-home visit of approximately one hour is included at no additional cost to the customer. Silver Star can provide additional in-home service for additional device connections, wiring or other services billed on an hourly basis. A separate appointment may be required depending on Service Technician availability. Optimal router placement is based on the existing wiring locations in your home. Equipment replacement is available except for damage due to equipment misuse or abuse. While Home Zone is available to support your wireless network, it is not intended as ongoing support for the connection of wireless devices outside of the initial in-home visit. Customers may be invoiced for excessive remote assistance of wireless device connection and troubleshooting at an hourly rate billed in one-half hour increments, at Silver Star’s sole discretion and notification. Home Zone is not currently available for Fixed LTE internet customers. Wi-Fi speeds and coverage will vary based on the device connecting to the Wi-Fi network, distance from the router, number of devices on the network and “noise” from other electronics on the same frequency. Internet speed tests can be measured accurately only with a hard-wired connection directly from a device to a gateway access point.