Understanding Your Bill

Understanding your Silver Star bill

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Detailed Charge Descriptions

Subscriber Line Charge:

Federal Communications Commission charge to recover a portion of the costs of completing long distance calls on local networks.

Federal Universal Service Fund:

A federal program that supports: (1) local telephone or broadband service for low-income consumers, (2) those who live in areas where the cost of providing service is exceptionally high, and (3) discounted communications services for schools, libraries, and rural health care facilities.

State Relay Services Fund:

Collected to support the cost of specialized telecommunications equipment and services for people with hearing and/or speech impairment.

E911 Lincoln/Bonneville/Caribou/Teton County/Madison:

Collected on behalf of local governments to cover the cost of providing 911 emergency response services.

Wyoming/Idaho Universal Service Fund:

A state program that supports certain areas within the state where the cost of providing lines for services (like in-state long distance and local service) is exceptionally high.

State and Federal Taxes:

  • A federal excise tax assessed on local service billed separately from long distance.
  • State and municipal taxes depending on where you live.

Franchise Fee:

Collected on behalf of local governments to support the maintenance of local public rights of way.

Extended Area Service (EAS):

A fee mandated by the state commission to cover the cost of expanded local calling.