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Silver Star Announces 10 Gigabit Speed Capability in Wyoming

Thayne, WY, November 12th, 2018 – Silver Star Communications announced today that they are launching 10 gigabit capable speeds at the Jackson Hole Airport. Silver Star is the first broadband provider in Wyoming and third in the nation to announce 10 gigabit speeds delivered over NG-PON2 technology.

Silver Star offers 1 gigabit speeds as a standard option for its fiber customers which is more than adequate, even for the largest enterprise customers in the region. When asked how the company is introducing a 10 gigabit service, Silver Star’s President, Ron McCue replied, “This was not something that just happened overnight. We have been strategically planning for this day for quite some time.”

“Our ability to offer the first 10 gig service in Wyoming is the latest culmination of planning and investing in our fiber network. Having the vision to anticipate customers’ future needs is what drove us to recently complete our 100 gigabyte fiber backbone. That, coupled with our ongoing commitment to embrace new technologies, has led to this exciting milestone.” McCue added

Silver Star applauds the Airport’s willingness to partner with Silver Star by becoming the first early adopter of the 10 gigabit service. As Jerry Blann, Jackson Hole Airport Board President, explained, “The Airport Board has always been committed to enhancing the level of customer service offered at the Airport. Silver Star is assisting the Airport to provide passengers the opportunity to have an exceptional user experience they wouldn’t expect to find on any other free Wi-Fi service. 10 gigabits is 100’s of times faster than the internet in your home. Passengers can expect faster Wi-Fi even during peak travel times.”

Silver Star credits Calix (NYSE: CALX), the hardware and software platform provider for playing a pivotal role in facilitating Silver Star’s ability to deliver 10 gigabit speeds.

“Silver Star has a history of being one of the first service providers to embrace new technologies and is once again on the leading edge of this next generation of broadband networks,” said Skip Hirvela, Calix Vice President of Sales. “Through this 10 gigabit service via the Calix AXOS Always On software platform, not only will the Jackson Hole Airport become faster and more efficient, but the passengers who travel through will be able to video chat, upload videos of that last ski run, or get that movie downloaded—all with plenty of time left to catch their flights. The service at the Jackson Hole airport will be second to none, thanks to this new service from Silver Star.”


Silver Star Communications continues to invest in its fiber optic network to deliver cutting edge communications solutions including fiber optic, DSL and wireless Internet, voice, mobile phone and business solutions products and services. Silver Star prides itself on above-and-beyond customer service with a local touch and actively supports the rural communities it serves.

For more information:

Eric Gewiss, Silver Star Communications – Director of Marketing & Public Relations

307-883-6628 / egewiss@silverstar.net / www.silverstar.com