Safety Line

Our Safety Line is a great solution for those that do most of their talking on mobile phones, but would still like the comfort of knowing they have a landline to use sparingly and for emergencies.

  • 240 Local outgoing minutes and unlimited incoming minutes
  • Free Voicemail, Caller ID and Call waiting
  • Additional minutes only 3 cents/minute
  • Available with or without DSL High-Speed Internet
  • Only $25 a month!*

*$25 is approximate monthly cost including taxes and fees.”

Why Have a Safety Line?

Safety: In an emergency, 911 calls made from landline phones are immediately traced to a specific address, which can save time in an emergency.

Reliability: Because transmitting calls through a cable is more reliable than through a cell phone’s radio waves, a landline offers a stable connection and clearer calls. Power outages rarely affect a landline when using a wired handset, and users don’t have to worry about not getting a strong signal.

Security: While cell phone calls can be intercepted, doing so on a landline requires access to the cable itself. Thus, landlines are more secure for discussing private information like financial accounts and medical records.