Smart Home



Gone are the days when “networks” existed only in the workplace. Today’s home is becoming more and more complex with all types of technologies trying to work together. It used to be that connecting your stereo to your DVD player was the extent of wiring that needed to take place for a great movie experience. Now, homes have surround sound theaters – not to mention wireless networks with computers all over the house, irrigation systems, and so on. Simplify with central and remote control of all the electronic systems in your home – Smart Home & Security Controls.

Security systems are no longer stand-alone alarm systems. It only makes sense that they be part of your integrated home network with the ability to monitor and control them remotely:

  • See when your kids get home.
  • Allow a technician into your home with out having to take a whole day off of work.
  • Get a text alert if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.
  • View surveillance video remotely from your laptop or mobile device.

With so many applications now being used over the Internet, your need for bandwidth will continue to increase. Silver Star’s fiber optic network, with the fastest speeds available, has been designed with your future needs in mind.