Choose Your Internet Experience

Choose Your Internet Experience

Call or fill out the form below and customer service specialist will help identify the plan that’s right for you and available at your location. Good information to have before you call is how many Internet connected devices you have in your home and which plan description below best matches your usage.

The Surfer Plan

This is a good speed for most lightweight users with 1-3 devices. Check email, browse the web, follow Facebook or Twitter and stream movies in between. However, if several people in your home are using Internet-connected devices at the same time, you will likely experience delays, especially if downloading movies or other large files. This plan will take between 30 and 60 minutes to download a 2-hour HD movie depending on actual speed based on overall Internet usage. Surf’s up.

The Streamer Plan

This plan is great for streaming music or video or downloading large files. Online gamers will appreciate this speed so long as there aren’t other devices using the Internet at the same time. With this plan, downloading a 2-hour HD movie will take approximately 20 minutes without any other bandwidth usage taking place. Go with the flow.

The Multitasker Plan

Use tablets, Smartphones, music players and laptops to stream music or video, play online games or video chat. Small home businesses that need to download medium to large files will appreciate this option. Add a surveillance system with IP cameras to the mix. This speed will get allow you to download a 2-hour HD in about 13 minutes. Get ‘er done!

The Crew Plan

Several family members can stream HD movies, do homework or upload YouTube videos at the same time. Multi-player, on-line gamers will enjoy real-time play. Whether you are using 1 or 8 devices, this plan should satisfy your family’s Internet appetite. It will take approximately 7 minutes to download a 2-hour HD movie with this plan. Beat ‘em up without the lag.

The Pro Plan

Working from home? The Pro gives you instant access to cloud programs and files and enables latency-free video conferencing. Use Google Hangouts, FaceTime and Skype without the wait. Download and upload high-quality images, videos and files super-fast. Download a 2-hour HD movie in about 3 minutes. Spend less time waiting…more time enjoying. The weekend is almost here!

The Power User Plan

Multiple people working from home? Add more devices to your network while using your bandwidth seamlessly. Multiple Gamers or Smart TV viewers can stream content at the same time. Connect to remote locations such as Virtual Desktops without delay. Download a 2-hour HD movie in about 2 minutes. It’s like the cheetah of Internet plans.

The X-Streamer Plan

Stream at least 5 HD movies at the SAME TIME, without buffering while gaming and surfing. Download 375 multi-media web pages in 1 second. Transfer data at the equivalent to using 100 DVD players at the same time. Download a 2-hour HD movie in just seconds. Because you can.

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