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MyBackup, powered by Keepit

Protect your computer and files from the unexpected with MyBackup – online storage!

  • Secure and simple online backup tool – try it for FREE for 30 days
  • Protect your important data, cherished pictures and videos with just a few simple steps
  • Choose your package depending on how much you have to backup, lots of options and affordable pricing
  • Set default backup once and never worry again or customize your backup to suit your needs
  • Download and launch from the new Silver Star app portal; call today or sign up online, click here (link to sign up now page)

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  • 256 Bit Rijndael encryption – all data is stored encrypted on servers.
  • 128 Bit SSL Encryption – communication with our servers is always conducted through a secure communications channel.
  • Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – MyBackup will automatically backup your data every day and you can even perform numerous backups in between.
  • Versions Support – You can retrieve previous versions of any .file.


  • Award Winning Software –, the technology behind MyBackup, has been awarded prizes for its simplicity and ease of use.
  • Default Folders Pre-Selected – MyBackup makes it very simple to configure your backup. Commonly used folders are pre-selected ensures that you backup all your essential and critical data.
  • Versatile – if you need to configure more complex folder selections, MyBackup allows for advanced folder selection mode.


  • Every Day – MyBackup performs a new backup of all your .files each and every day by default.
  • Configurable – MyBackup allows for personalized selection of what and when to backup.

How it works:

  • Contact us to sign up or complete our simple web form and we will call you.
  • Go to and sign in from the Silver Star home page to log in.
  • Install MyBackup, powered by Keepit (will show in the app launcher, new apps).
  • Choose the folders you wish to backup every day. Document and photo folders are selected by default.
  • Your files are encrypted and then transferred to secure storage centers via a safe connection.
  • For support, installation and user guides, click here.