Unicomconnect™, brought to you by Silver Star, provides a simple and efficient interoperability solution for all of your communication technologies. Easily connect radio, video, cell phone, landline, and other communication devices without having to add any new hardware or software.  You choose a monthly subscription or one-time fee based on your needs.  



  • Full interoperability between all devices
  • No new or upgrade equipment required
  • Preparedness plans uniquely adapted for each client
  • Message Alert Groups – send text and/or voice messages to group lists
  • Automatic documentation including recordings of all communication events


  • Secure, web-based GUIs with drag and drop capabilities
  • No additional equipment or training requirements
  • Simplified NIMS emergency planning and  implementation
  • Simple to use, therefore it will be used


  • 24 x 7 x 365 coverage and monitoring
  • Tier 1-2-3 Operational and Technical support
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Weekly testing with written reports
  • Full support during training and exercises
  • Satellite functionality integration option

Contact Drew Izatt, Government & Enterprise Systems Executive, to set up a complimentary consultation or call 866.883.6685.