Smart Home & Security in Your Area


Safe, Smart and Comfortable

Learn how you can enjoy the convenience of smart home controls and put your mind at ease with security from Silver Star.

  • Get a text message when the kids walk through the front door.
  • Close the garage door from work on your desktop.
  • Set the mood with lighting and music by the press of button.
  • Save energy and enjoy the convenience of being able to monitor and control your home from your desktop at work. Or from your phone while you are on vacation.
  • Control the electronics systems in your home from any Internet-connected device – you can be two places at once!

Silver Star is a platinum-level authorized dealer for Control4, a sophisticated yet easy to use smart home control system.

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Affordable Smart Home Security Packages

Keep it simple and sign up for one of our packages with no up-front equipment costs. We can always add to the system later if you discover you just can’t get enough of the digital lifestyle.

$29.99 / month

  • 2 Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • Control Panel
  • Security Monitoring
  • Mobile App
$39.99 / month

  • 2 Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Light Control
  • Control Panel
  • Security Monitoring
  • Mobile App
  • Key FOB
  • IP Camera
  • Wireless Access Point
Total Connect
$54.99 / month

  • 3 Door Sensors
  • 2 Motion Sensors
  • 2 Light Controls
  • Control Panel
  • Security Monitoring
  • Mobile App
  • Key FOB
  • IP Camera
  • Wireless Access Point
  • Door Entry System


Control Your Lighting

Lighting sets the mood. Smart controls make it easy to change the mood, or make sure no lights are left on in empty rooms.

Make relaxing even easier: turn on a movie and dim the lights with one click of a button.

Enjoy the convenience of turning the outside lights on and the inside ones off when you switch to “night mode on the Control4 app.

No more predictable pre-sets – while on vacation adjust your lighting remotely to make it look like someone is home.


Control Your Comfort

Heating and cooling a home can be expensive. Maintain a comfortable home without wasting energy – switch the entire home to “night” or “away” mode with one tap of the finger. Have the house pre-set to come back to “at home” mode by the time you return from work every day. Change of plans? No problem, adjust the climate controls from your phone or tablet on the go to have the house ready whenever you get home.


Security Monitoring

Starting at only $19.99

It’s easy to switch to Silver Star for your monitoring service. Prices start as low as $19.99/month. Rest easy knowing that our monitoring service meets all best practices – including geographically separated central stations with power backup.  So you know that your home’s monitoring is always on and reliable. Which is pretty much the point of having a security system in the first place!

Security from Silver Star goes beyond door, window and motion sensors - though those are great too.

  • Consider event-triggered video and temperature and moisture sensors that send text alerts so that homeowners know that something isn’t right in the basement - before it becomes a disaster.
  • Care for elderly relatives with a wearable PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) that allows them independence but the assurance that help is only the press of a button away.
  • With keyless entry you can avoid the hassle of fumbling for keys or the vulnerability of that key underneath the flower pot.

Many insurance companies offer up to a 20% discount on homeowners insurance if you have a home security system. So security may not just give you peace of mind, it may actually save you money.


Control Your Media

This is the really fun stuff! Have music that follows you around the house or have different music set by zone, according to your family members’ musical taste.

Silver Star techs are your go-to geeks for home entertainment. Whether you want to throw amazing Karaoke parties or have a theater-quality movie experience with surround sound and a 4k screen, Silver Star has the expertise and experience to make it happen.

Centralized media control can be really practical too: click on the “homework time” setting to turn off all the TVs in the house.