Online Security & Phishing Awareness

By Shelley Green on June 20, 2019 | No Responses. Be the first.

A glance at recent news headlines will tell you that all internet users must be diligent about online security.  From suspicious emails and phishing scams, to the threat of having your personal information and credit card numbers compromised, there are lots of reasons to be vigilant.

Silver Star is here to help keep your personal information safe. In fact, we’ve created a short informative video to help you identify phishing emails and scams.

Click image to play video.

For additional information, check out our article Online Security 101 on how to recognize online “red-flags” and malicious communications, as well as tips for creating a strong password.

If you think it may be too late and you’ve already picked up a worrisome virus, visit one of our Tech Star techs in Afton, Driggs or Thayne!