Community Service with a Touch of Magic!

By Silver Star on July 11, 2018 | No Responses. Be the first.

Recently, one of our community service teams had the pleasure of spending a day with the children and staff at Camp Magical Moments. The camp’s mission is to offer children with cancer and their families a place of retreat in an environment of fun, friendship and love. We can say first-hand, that they are doing just that!

Our purpose at the camp was to prepare, serve and clean-up lunch for the campers and staff, but it turned into a truly magical day for all the community service team members. Team members included  Jennifer Hamp – Team Leader, Annette Hillyard, Tracy Brown, Tory Willmore and Paul Petersen.

Before preparing lunch, the team was treated to a tour of the camp. This year’s theme for the camp was Peter Pan. The staff at Camp Magical Moments had pulled out all the stops to make this year’s campers feel as if they were truly in the magical world of Peter Pan!

There were 2 bunkhouses – girls in one, called the Pixies and boys in the other, called the Lost Boys. They had a fairy garden with Tinkerbell sitting on a table in a bird cage, wind chimes in the trees, a cute little flower garden – it was very magical. The staff had turned a horse pulled wagon into a pirate ship – The Jolly Roger. Where the meals were served, there was a big white tent that was decorated to look like the inside of Wendy, Michael and John’s bedroom. Peter Pan’s shadow was flying high on one of the walls. When you looked out the “bedroom window”, outside was Nana’s Doghouse. All the little details put into the decorating was amazing! The camp also had a stage for skits, a campfire area, an arts and crafts building, a climbing wall and the kids’ favorite thing – horseback riding!

However, the most magical moment came for our team when they joined the campers for lunch and each child shared their “magical moment” for the day. Most of the children said “riding the horses” but one little boy stood up and said,” My magical moment is having Silver Star fix this wonderful meal”. It was an emotional moment for our team – very humbling.

We would like to thank the children and staff of Camp Magical Moments for allowing us to spend some time with them in their special retreat. It was truly an experience that we will never forget.

If you would like to help support this wonderful program for children experiencing cancer, please visit Camp Magical Moments or click here to make a donation.