Your Internet Service Is Just Like A Highway

By Silver Star on June 27, 2018 | No Responses. Be the first.

By Eric Gewiss, Director of Marketing – Silver Star Communications

Your Home Internet is Just like a Road

Typically after the holidays, we at Silver Star receive a fair number of phone calls asking why internet speeds are slower. One of the first questions that we ask is, “what did you get for Christmas”?

That may be an odd question to ask but the reality is, especially in a home Wi-Fi network, the more stuff you have connected to your network, the slower your speeds can be. For Christmas, Dad got a new smart TV, Mom got a new iPad, Junior got a new X-Box and Missy got a smart phone…for the first time. That’s in addition to Mom and Dad’s existing smart phones, wireless printer, tablets and of course the gateway that connects all of these wireless devices to the internet through your network.

Think of your internet speed as a one lane highway. If you have 3 cars on one road (and it’s not snowing), you’re probably going to be trucking along fine at the speed limit.

But if you add more cars, the road gets a little cramped and you’re likely to get behind a slow guy or two and traffic gets bogged down. If you widen the highway, or in this case increase your network bandwidth, it allows enough room for all of your cars to pass the tractor and everyone maintains their speeds.


So, if your internet speed was fine when you had 3 devices but you added 3 more, and it’s slowing down, you might consider widening your internet highway. You might need to pay a bit more for gas but at least you don’t have to buy any heavy equipment to widen the road.

Faster speeds aren’t always available in all areas. But, while Silver Star is continuously working on improvements, if you can get faster speeds, at least it will eliminate your road rage… Or in this case, vastly improve your internet experience.

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Happy World Wide Web Travels!