Community Service: Remodeling at Azar House

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Azar House PRC is a non-profit organization which exists to help men and women in unplanned pregnancies.   Opening on June 8, 2017 they have served Star Valley providing free services such as: pregnancy tests, peer counseling and healthy relationship education. They also provide recovery groups for women who have suffered pregnancy loss.

Their “Earn While You Learn” prenatal, parenting and life skills classes allow clients to gain confidence in their lives while acquiring much needed baby items, furniture and clothing.

Azar House also provides a complete referral list to their clients insuring they are connected with agencies in our valley that can meet their needs, from Public Health, MDs, The Turning Point women’s shelter or High Country Behavioral Health, WIC and more.

All their services are free and confidential and their “Hearts to Hear, Hands to Help” slogan sums up their commitment to this community. They are funded entirely on community donations – they do not receive any state or government funding.

Last year, they were able to raise enough money to buy equipment to open a small medical clinic, inside of their building space at the Etna Community Center, in which to provide free ultrasounds for women in their first trimester of pregnancy.

We had the pleasure of lending a hand to the Azar House as they began their project to remodel their office space into a new ultrasound room and nurse manager station.

Two Silver Star community service teams aided in the remodel project on different days. Team members included: Team #1 (A.K.A. “The Demolition Crew”) – Jodie Winder, Scott Beck, Jesse Hancock, Ray Lusk Team and Team #2- Ruby Hemmert, , Carol Vaughan, Sandy Morley, Morgan Hansen and Susan West.

Team #1  helped to remove old cabinetry, furniture and debris, as well as ripped up and removed old carpet, tile and trim. Team #2 then came in on a following day to paint.

Sandy Snow, Executive Director of the Azar House, was a wonderful hostess and engaged our teams with a tour of the facilities- providing them with information on how Azar House came to be,  what services they provide to our community, and why these services are important- making the project feel personal to each of them and capturing the true essence of community service.

Both teams had a great time and came back to the office beaming with smiles!


Community Service at Silver Star
Silver Star encourages all team members to take part in a group community service project on company time. We aim for 100% employee participation. Silver Star believes it is important to support the organizations that help to enhance quality of life in our community. If you have an idea for a project and would like to have it considered by a Silver Star community service team, please email