4 Apps To Make Your Spring Break Travels A Snap!

By Silver Star on March 6, 2018 | No Responses. Be the first.

Planning to get out of town for Spring Break? …Somewhere sunny and warm, right? 

Sign us up – we wanna go with! Maybe sneak us in your suitcase? …No?!

Ok…well, we’ll still help you out with some tech tips to help you have a stress free travel experience! Just send us some pics when you get there!

Download these awesome apps to help make planning your Spring Break travels a breeze:

TripIt: Before you even get started, take a moment to download this essential app. You’ll be glad you did! All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails for all your flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurant reservations, and other travel plans and they are automatically recorded into one, always accessible, master itinerary. Organization with no effort!

Expedia: When it comes to travel apps, Expedia is a must. With just this one app, you can book your flight, nail down a hotel, rent a car, and see what sights and excursions your destination has to offer. It’s a multi-tasking must!

GasBuddy: If you’re opting for a road trip this Spring Break, then this is the app for you! This app will tell you the current gas prices for upcoming gas stations along your route, so you can spend you’re money on good food and fun instead of gas! Ka-Ching!

LikeALocal: If you like to skip the tourist traps and experience your destination like a local, this app will help you find those cool and hidden spots that the locals love. It is complete with a real-time stream that shows you what places are open while you’re browsing and maps on how to get there.

What are your favorite travel apps?

Take lots of pictures and enjoy! Safe Travels!