Is your internet ready for back to school?

By Silver Star on September 5, 2017 | 1 Response

Back to school means more time online for research papers, Google docs collaboration, and streaming high school sports. Even if you aren’t affected by “Back to School” anymore, you may be spending more time on Netflix to check out the new shows and movies dropping in September. Is your internet plan up to the task? Get in touch to see if there is a faster speed plan available to you.

If your kids have smartphones, remember that you can save on data charges by making sure that they are on Wi-Fi when at home. Generally, upgrading your internet to accommodate expanded data usage at home is cheaper than paying overages or upgrading phone data plans.

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  • Thanks for your comment about how your internet speeds should be as fast as possible when you are in school because you’ll need it to study. I like how you said that updating your internet is a good way to make sure you have quick speeds. My husband and I are considering internet packages for our home since I’m still studying in college and he works from home.