Protecting Silver Star Customers’ Online Privacy

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Media Release: Making Sense of Recent FCC Rules – Protecting Silver Star Customers’ Online Privacy

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Thayne, WY, May 8, 2017 – Last year, the FCC passed privacy rules that would have reformed customer control over what telecommunications companies, who are also Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), can do with their data. The regulations would have required a limited number of broadband providers to get permission from their customers in order to collect, sell or distribute data, including browsing history, to create targeted advertisements. The FCC ruling, which had never gone into effect, was repealed in April by President Trump due to its disproportionate treatment. What does this mean to Silver Star broadband customers?

The reality is, the repeal levels the playing field for broadband companies to gain the option to use or sell customer information. However, what most customers don’t know is the FCC privacy rules never placed restrictions on the big web giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google. In other words, these huge internet based companies do and continue to collect and sell customer browsing information to profit from advertising and product sales because the FCC rules never applied to them. The Presidential repeal now essentially allows broadband providers to do the same as the big internet companies.

“The truth is that our customers are no less protected now than before the repeal,” said Silver Star CEO, Allen Hoopes. “The FCC’s rules weren’t even in place when Congress voted to repeal them. In other words, Congress stopped the rules from solidifying, in large part to address a regulatory imbalance and customer confusion that the FCC actions would have formed.”

“However, because Silver Star’s position is to not share or sell customer information, the repeal has motivated Silver Star and other broadband companies to work with broadband industry agencies and the FCC to pursue a strong, uniform set of broadband privacy standards no matter who holds their data,” Hoopes added.

Silver Star and other broadband providers have committed to a set of voluntary, comprehensive privacy principles which include transparency, consumer choice (offering customers the choice to decide how sensitive information might be used), data security (following federal guidelines to protect user information) and data breach notifications to notify customers, law enforcement, regulators and other parties immediately about potentially harmful breaches.

“It is extremely important that we let our customers know that the recent action by our government did not reduce or eliminate measures in place to protect the privacy of customer information,” said Eric Gewiss, Silver Star’s Director of Marketing. “That said, Silver Star is working very closely with other broadband providers and industry partners to solidify best practices to protect our customers’ data. As a local company, with a strong commitment to our communities, we have a vested interest in seeing that those protections are followed.”


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