Lose that Internet Wait

By Silver Star on February 2, 2017 | No Responses. Be the first.

We don’t notice technology when it works great. But when it doesn’t…oh boy! Nothing like having a Google search time out when you need an answer fast. Or when you finally kick back at the end of the day and Netflix is buffering.

If you are online more, managing more of your life through apps, or have brought home any new internet-connected devices, you might have outgrown your current internet plan. Good news: Silver Star has been upgrading our network to accommodate more people at faster speeds.

For a limited time, when Teton Valley internet customers upgrade their internet plan they can get a $50 bill credit. New internet customers in Teton Valley can get a $100 bill credit.

Click here to learn more – a Silver Star rep will get back with you right away about upgrading.

 Offer expires 3.31.17