Media Release: Silver Star invests to improve speed and reliability of internet service in Soda Springs

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December 9, 2016

For Immediate Release

 Silver Star prides itself on being a forward-looking company, always striving to improve. At the end of 2015, Silver Star Communications brought mobile phone service to Soda Springs and remains the only mobile phone provider with a retail location in Soda Springs. Silver Star has also made important investments in its broadband network to improve its internet service in Soda Springs.

This fall, Silver Star installed equipment to buffer and protect its system, and therefore its customers’ internet service, from power fluctuations. The company has also run fiber optic cable to key nodes in the Soda Springs network to improve speed and reliability. As a result of network upgrades, Silver Star has begun to offer new internet plans with faster speeds and better value for the customer.

According to Silver Star President and COO Ron McCue, “We heard from Soda Springs customers about their frustration with our service and we hired a third-party audit of our network. We are in the process of implementing the recommended improvements and backup equipment. Silver Star values our customers’ loyalty and trust but we know we have to earn it. Our goal is to do that in the months ahead.”

 About Silver Star

Silver Star Communications continues to invest in its fiber optic network to deliver cutting edge communications solutions including internet, voice, wireless phone, data center services, television, security and smart  controls. Silver Star prides itself on above-and-beyond customer service with a local touch and actively supporting the rural communities it serves.