Silver Star Announces Jackson, WY as first “Gigabiz” Community in Wyoming

By Heather Hansen on November 18, 2014 | 2 Responses

Jackson, WY, November 17, 2014 – Silver Star Communications has announced that with the expansion of their fiber optic network in Jackson they are now offering their fiber customers speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second– making Jackson the first community in Wyoming to cross this threshold. “We like to call this our “Gigabiz” initiative because this gigabit service connection is oriented towards business usage,” said Silver Star President & COO Ron McCue. “Jackson has a growing group of tech-oriented businesses and start-ups – we are proud to support those kinds of enterprises in this rural and remote mountain environment with the golden standard of broadband speed and reliability – and we are uniquely positioned to do so.”

What can you do with 1Gig? The question is more what can’t you do. This kind of broadband capacity essentially future-proofs a business – supporting leading-edge applications with room to grow. Cloud-based services, virtual private networks, smart control applications, hosted phone systems and video conferencing, and full-throttle Internet for HD video streaming, and large-file transfers – these are just the tip of the iceberg.

“What a privilege it is that Jackson is going to be Wyoming’s first gigabit community, an exclusive infrastructure advantage for our businesses, residents and civic organizations. I am so proud that this investment is being made by Silver Star in Jackson,” said Mark Barron, Mayor of Jackson. “Without the full support and drive of Mayor Barron this initiative and announcement would not be possible. Silver Star is very appreciative to have the support of Mayor Barron,” said McCue.

Silver Star’s fiber network is located in Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho, linking this mountainous border region to both the Idaho state fiber network and the Wyoming fiber loop. With the Teton Broadband Project in 2011-2013, Silver Star constructed 120 miles of fiber, helping to close the Wyoming state “survivability ring” and essentially improving the reliability of communications state-wide.

“We are very proud to partner with companies like Silver Star as they make such great strides in improving the quality of life in Wyoming through technology. This amazing increase in capacity lets Jackson compete at the next level throughout the globe,” said Wyoming Chief Information Officer, Clint Waters.

Governor Matt Mead said “I have worked to make technology the 4th major industry in Wyoming. I recognize it can only be done through the extraordinary work of the private sector. Silver Star’s announcement is an example of a private company not just taking the next step, but instead, leapfrogging into the future. Silver Star has an exceptional record of being a leader in technology and communications in Wyoming. Today’s announcement is another example of their leadership. My congratulations to Silver Star and all its employees and to its partner Calix in providing gigabit service to Jackson.”

The Teton Broadband Project also allowed for the first 100 gigabit per second optical connection trial in the Rocky Mountain West between Silver Star Communications in Thayne and Advanced Communications Technology (ACT) in Sheridan, Wyoming. Silver Star conducted this trial in April of 2013 in conjunction with ACT and Calix, demonstrating that this level of optical connection is possible over 420 miles of fiber, traversing multiple networks. “The success of the trial showed that we’ve been making the right kind of investments, building a network that can meet the future bandwidth demands of Wyoming and Idaho,” said McCue.

Jackson is just the first “Gigabiz” community to be announced by Silver Star. More are to follow soon, promised McCue.


Ron McCue  |  President & COO

To arrange for an interview with Ron, please contact his assistant:

Bonnie Jackson  |  307.883.6011


  • Carl Clark says:

    Not quite true. 1Gig service has been available in Cokeville and Evanston for over two years now. Just a “fact check moment.”

    • Heather Hansen says:

      Thanks for your comment. Like AllWest, Silver Star has been capable of offering 1Gig for a couple years to all our fiber-to-the-premises customers. The leap here, and the reason we are considering Jackson a “Gigabiz Community”, is the fact that 1 Gig pricing has been standardized for all our business customers and will be available across the board with the focus on defining this market by that level of service.