Outage in Rigby

UPDATE 10:30pm This outage has been resolved. If you are still experiencing difficulty, try power cycling your equipment. Then give us a call at 877.883.2411. UPDATE 8:00 pm A new cabinet and equipment is being placed on site in Rigby and services are estimated to return near midnight tonight. OUTAGE 2:30 pm There is a large outage affecting customers in Rigby due to vehicle damage to a distribution cabinet. Techs are investigating repairs and an estimated time of service return. Updates will be posted here.

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Meet the Team: Annette Hillyard

Ask anyone at Silver Star who the biggest behind-the-scenes magician is, and you’ll unanimously hear “Annette!” As the Human Resources Administrative Assistant, she takes care of all of our needs as employees and so much more. And she does it all with the brightest smile you can imagine!

Here’s her interview:

How long have you worked for Silver Star?

5 years ?

What does your job entail?

Oh, my heavens!  A little bit of everything!

What do you love most about your job?

I get to work with every single person in the company! ??

What do you love most about the community that you live in?

I love that I can ski, bike, ride and run from my front door and that everywhere I look I have an amazing view. ?‍♀️⛷️?‍♀️

What is your favorite hobby?

I’d have to say anything outside – from horses to kayaking to hiking. ???

When are you most productive?

Mornings, for sure. ☀️?☀️

What impresses you?

Kind, genuine people.

What is one item you could never live without?

My husband. ?‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍?‍?

What is your favorite flower? ??


What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?

Octopus! ??