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Local Superstar: Idaho Eye and Laser Center

Do you know southeastern Idaho boasts one of the area’s premier ophthalmic centers? It does!

The Idaho Eye and Laser Center—with clinics and surgery centers in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Rexburg—performs a majority of all “medical” eye care treatments in southeastern Idaho, working with optometric physicians as far afield as Wyoming and Utah. Offering Lasik, cornea transplants, glaucoma treatments, retina, and Macular Degeneration related treatments, dry eye disease, and more, the Idaho Eye and Laser Center has the greatest technological capabilities in the area. They even receive patients from hospitals that can’t match the Idaho Eye and Laser Center’s specialized resources.

With five full-time doctors, the Idaho Eye and Laser Center handles a large percentage of the area’s ophthalmic medical on-call time—24/7—to treat emergency eye-related needs. Because of their size and services, they are also able to save patients money on eye care.

Craig Bates once worked in IT services for the Idaho Eye and Laser Center, and eventually became the Director. Born and raised in Rigby, Craig loves hunting and fishing and appreciates that a larger city like Idaho Falls gives him the opportunity to do what he loves. He still handles the Idaho Eye and Laser Center’s IT needs but also manages the corporate and day-to-day operations of the Center.

The Idaho Eye and Laser Center has always been an early adopter of technology, the first in the area to take advantage of VoIP capabilities, fiber internet, and more. The center counts on Silver Star to keep its three locations connected and ensure the highest uptime possible. Craig says, “With Silver Star, we gained security, a much higher level of capacity and capability, and all for a lot less then we were paying per month before. I would recommend Silver Star to anyone needing dependable and fast capability at an extremely reasonable price!”

The Idaho Eye and Laser Center is a respected, advanced business in our community, providing vital medical services. Silver Star is proud to work alongside them.