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Keep it simple with one provider for all your business communication needs.

Communication is key to running a successful business. With Silver Star’s expertise, we can manage your communication technology needs so that you can focus on what you do best…serving your customers.


Broadband is the cornerstone of business communications today. Whether you are looking for basic internet service or trying to create a private network between multiple business locations, Silver Star can deliver the connectivity your business needs. Silver Star’s fiber optic network was the first to offer Gigabit internet speeds in both Idaho and Wyoming.

Advantages of Silver Star’s broadband access to the internet includes multiple peering points which offers a fast and vast reach to the rest of the world.

If extreme bandwidth, redundancy and low latency are important to you and your business please call us or complete this form and a Business Account Consultant will be in touch shortly.

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Reduce Costs & Boost Application Performance with One Solution

Implementing a software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) will lower operational and capital expenses when compared to traditional enterprise wide area network (WAN) links, such as MPLS and private line circuits. Stop paying individually for expensive hardware and subscriptions to support a firewall, router, VPN and deep packet inspection.

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Simplify your network

With SD-WAN, a single hardware device can replace a suite of traditional appliances such as a firewall, router, VPN and Wi-Fi controller. The SD-WAN controller integrates routing, a basic firewall and WAN optimization. Optional upgrades allow for deep packet inspection, network and Wi-Fi controls, HIPPA/PCI compliance, and VPN features for multiple location connectivity.

Prioritize important applications

SD-WAN improves critical WAN performance and the user experience. SD-WAN utilizes WAN bandwidth more intelligently through application prioritization so that critical application performance is gained across the WAN. Applications such as VoIP, i.e. hosted phone systems, and Cloud Computing software, i.e. Office 365, are given priority over less critical applications such as YouTube or social media.

Improve network performance

Centralized cloud management of the WAN adds simplicity and visibility. Managed Service Providers and customers share an unprecedented view of the LAN/WAN networks. This increased visibility simplifies network surveillance and accelerates the maintenance and troubleshooting processes. In addition, improve WAN resiliency with optional dual WAN interfaces. Independent WAN links maximize network up-time and add redundancy.

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Private Line

Off the public network for greater security.

Need more reliable network accessibility between multiple business locations for safe, secure, high bandwidth data transfers? With a Private Line from Silver Star, you can have point-to-point or point-to-multi-point connectivity with high bandwidth and low latency performance. All at a better value than other providers can offer.

Private line features:

  •         White glove project management and installation experience
  •         Custom network design specifically for your business
  •         Embedded security in Business architecture
  •         Dedicated ethernet transport and or internet bandwidth
  •         Dedicated fiber to your locations
  •         Diverse entry, path and equipment options
  •         LAN connectivity across metros
  •         Diverse Connectivity available to Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers
  •         Customer integrated network monitoring available
  •         Colocation, hosting, and other datacenter services available

Private Line Benefits:

  •         Supports multiple services from one interface-VOIP, video, and more
  •         Scalable from 2Mbps to 100Gbps and from two sites to 100+ sites
  •         Predictable end-to-end application performance and control
  •         SLA 99.9 – 99.999% (region and technology dependent)
  •         24/7/365 Support

To learn more about our Private Line solutions, please complete this form and a Business Account Consultant will be in touch shortly.

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Carrier Services

Secure, safe, peace of mind.

Silver Star offers carrier grade services on the most reliable network. With multiple locations for peering, we can interconnect with carriers to deliver high capacity and low latency data services to your end users via Ethernet, MPLS, Microwave, WAVES, Dark Fiber and Colocation sites. With dedicated service points in Salt Lake, Seattle, San Jose and Los Angeles, we can design a service that works for your unique needs that includes network redundancy to give you peace of mind.

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