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Silver Star Home Zone App

We’ve recently re-launched the Silver Star Home Zone App! If you have one of these routers, make sure you’ve got the app downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store!

It’s your Wi-Fi, why not control it?

With the app, you’re able to change your network name and password, see devices using your network, and pause the internet for any device at any time. To learn more about this out-of-the-box solution (which also includes receiving advanced technical support, testing your bandwidth, adding guest networks, and more) click here. There, you can read about these features or watch videos on how to use them under “Getting Started with the App.”

Stay Protected while Connected

Another free feature with the app is 24/7 advanced internet protection from hackers, malware, and viruses. The app proactively monitors traffic coming through your network and automatically blocks anything that looks suspicious. You don’t need any additional hardware, and you can choose whether or not to receive alerts when a threat has been intercepted. To learn more about ProtectIQ, watch this video.

What else can it do?

If you have this device, we can upgrade your app with ExperienceIQ.

With these additional features enabled, you can set time limits and block content for specific user profiles or devices, prioritize devices or activities to ensure the best performance for the most important items – like an important meeting or live test. And for each of these features, you can set schedules so that your kid’s devices are disconnected at bedtime each evening or that your weekly team meeting is always receiving prioritized bandwidth. To learn more about what you can do for $4.99 a month, watch these videos.

And as always, if you have questions, want to see how this works for yourself, or want to upgrade your app or router, just ask us! We’re available in person, over the phone, or via chat. Just reach out!