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July 7, 2020

Get Same Day Silver Star Service

As part of Silver Star’s ongoing effort to deliver exceptional customer experiences through innovative uses of technology, we have implemented a new process to help you get your internet service turned up faster.

Introducing the Leave in Place equipment program as part of Silver Star’s new Home Zone Premium offering! (More on Home Zone Premium in a moment).

Currently, when you receive new internet equipment, they will have a sticker on them asking you to leave the equipment in the home or business when vacating the premises. That way, when a new occupant arrives and needs to connect internet service, all they have to do is call us and we can usually turn up the service, over the phone, on the same day.

This means, no more having to bring us your equipment, schedule an appointment or wait for a technician to come to your home. We hope this is one more way to make life (and moving!) a bit more convenient.

Now, let’s get back to Home Zone Premium. We have a cool new app called Silver Star Home Zone which you can download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It works with our new router, called a GigaSpire, which has inherently much better Wi-Fi coverage than any of our previous routers. These two items, the GigaSpire and Silver Star Home Zone App, give you built-in network security, the ability to set up guest Wi-Fi networks, see all your connected devices, receive important notifications, run bandwidth tests, and disable applications. But we think the best part is the Enhanced Parental Controls. *

Our app allows you to keep your kids safe by letting your device be the eyes on the back of your head. Not only does this allow you to set up profiles and assign devices for basic Wi-Fi on/off control, but it also provides filtering to allow you the control to choose which websites and apps to block traffic to. This gives you the ability to block the specific types of web content that you don’t want your family’s young eyes to see.

So, there you have it. To learn more, please connect with us at 877.883.2411 or visit SilverStar.com and chat with us.

*Enhanced Parental Controls are accessible through the Silver Star Home app for $9.99 per month.