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, April 19, 2022

Media Release: Silver Star exiting cellular services in Star Valley

Thayne, WY April 19, 2022

Silver Star announced today that the company would discontinue its cellular service in Star Valley, WY, effective December 30, 2022.

In 2005 Silver Star began offering cellular service to fill a need in the rural communities it serves. For many years, the company was the only provider to have served many of the small communities throughout Star Valley.

“We have seen technology shift from analog to 5G over the years. While Silver Star has been able to provide the latest wireless technology, it has been at a large expense,” said Barb Sessions, Silver Star’s President. “Additionally, with an increase in data usage and roaming, it has become an expense to the point of being unsustainable.”

“This is bittersweet for us. We’ve made a good hard run with our cellular service over the past 17 years filling the coverage gaps and providing a service people would not have had otherwise,” added Sessions. “We care deeply about our customers and have enjoyed serving them. But, out of respect for them, we feel it’s important that they have other choices at a better value.”  

Silver Star explained that the decision to sunset the cellular business is not only because of a fiercely competitive market but to focus the company’s resources on continued broadband expansion.

“Moving forward, our main focus is to continue our fiber build throughout our serving areas while expanding into others,” said Paul Petersen, COO. “Silver Star has been here since 1948, and we’re looking forward to providing exceptional broadband services and support for the decades to come.”

About Silver Star Communications:

Silver Star continues to invest in its fiber-optic network to deliver cutting-edge communications solutions, including internet, voice, and business solutions products and services. In addition, Silver Star prides itself on above-and-beyond customer service with a local touch and actively supports the communities it serves.

For more information:

Eric Gewiss, Silver Star Communications – Director of Marketing & Public Relations

307-883-6628 / egewiss@silverstar.net