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CARES Fiberhood Form
Great news! Your address is in a Fiberhood designated for build out in 2020 thanks to CARES Act funding awarded at the state-level in August 2020. You get the most cutting-edge broadband technology available – that means fast, reliable internet that can be scaled as your needs grow. A fiber connection may increase property values too!* All this with NO COST OF CONSTRUCTION for the property owner.

We have a very tight timeline to get construction done this year. We appreciate your cooperation in completing the form below by October 2 and the permission form that will be emailed to you for your signature via Docusign.

***10/14 UPDATE: Any sign-ups that take place after the October 16 deadline in southern Star Valley will be added to a waitlist. Silver Star will connect these locations as time and resources allow. However, if construction cannot be done in 2020 due to late sign ups, it will then become the responsibility of the property owner to pay for the construction of the fiber drop at a later date.

* According to the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas most recent report.

Please choose one of the following options to continue. *

Contact Information

Email (All correspondence regarding the build out of the FIberhood and your installation will be sent to this address)*
Is your billing address different from your service address? *
Are you currently a Silver Star customer? *
Do you rent or own the property where you are looking for service? *

Select Plan

Basic Low Usage
25 Mb x 3 Mb

Low internet usage plan for light email and web browsing use.
50 Mb x 10 Mb
In addition to web browsing and social media use, you stream music and videos. If you game online you are typically the only person in the household doing so.
The Crew Plan
100 Mb x 100 Mb
Several household members can stream HD video, do homework or upload videos to YouTube at the same time. Multi-player, online gamers will enjoy real-time play.
Power User
300 Mb x 300 Mb

You have multiple people working from home or otherwise using the internet heavily at the same time, and are a heavily connected household with smart TVs, multiple gamers, and smart home devices in addition to multiple mobile devices.
Power User Plus
500 Mb x 500 Mb

For the heavily connected home with multiple devices using bandwidth-intense programs simultaneously or anyone for whom 300×300 is just not enough.

Additional Options

Home Phone *
Are interested in enhanced Parental Controls for $9.99/month? *