Lower Valley Energy

“Lower Valley Energy is an electrical cooperative serving areas in western Wyoming and southeast Idaho with over 29,000 electric and gas customers. Finding one cell provider that had excellent coverage in all of our service areas was challenging. LVE’s previous wireless provider did provide excellent service in the Jackson area, but very poor in the Star Valley, Wayan, and Swan Valley areas. When Silver Star Wireless came on the scene, we were interested in them to see if we could improve our system wide coverage. As it turns out, we are pleased with the outcome. I believe that we now have the best overall reception, voice quality, and fewest dropped calls. It is an amazing technology that is not always perfect, but by utilizing Silver Star’s wireless service, we have improved our crews safety, productivity, and ability to communicate and conduct business to the highest level that we have ever attained.”

Bill Spaulding, Lower Valley Energy, Afton and Jackson, Wyoming


“Simplot chose Silver Star Wireless to support our productivity and safety needs at the Smoky Canyon Mine. They have excellent voice coverage and clarity, along with excellent customer service!”

Bob Parkinson, Simplot, Smoky Canyon Mine, Wyoming

Broken Spur

“I can’t say enough good about what Silver Star has done for me, getting me into a plan and handsets that fit everyone’s needs. They are always there to help out and make sure that we are taken care of.” 

Fred Crane, Broken Spur, Driggs, Idaho

Grand Targhee

“I have been working with Silver Star’s dedicated customer and technical service reps on multiple infrastructure upgrades, including complicated LAN/network configurations between multiple locations. They have been extremely helpful in coming  up with creative ways to handle our unique situation.  I have also been pleased with the service we receive for our Cell Phone wireless service.  The customer and technical personnel genuinely care about our well being and success.  It’s refreshing. In addition to receiving technical expertise, we receive much more personal care than we might from some of the larger, nation-wide companies.  I love being on a first name basis with the techs, sales and business reps. Silver Star has successfully implemented all of our requested projects.” 

Carrie Cleary

Teton School District 401

“Silver Star has timely, consistent customer support when we have information issues. Local support with highly-trained staff is a big reason we chose Silverstar communications. Again the relationships with local support staff ensures we get a response anytime we have an issue. That allows us to get problems solved and to keep working, reducing down time because of technology issues. Our school district continues to succeed as we rely more and more on technology to manage our information systems. A local communications company that provides the support we need allows us to be efficient and focused. Reliable and consistent information systems are essential to be effective in the information world our schools, students and staff work in everyday.” 

Monte Woolstenhulme

Resident in Alpine, WY

Silver Star helped make the decision to build a second home in Alpine a little easier with their customer support. Silver Star is great because “I can just walk in and be greeted by a very pleasant customer service specialist offering me candy and immediate assistance,” thanks Silver Star!

Mark Ruston resident & internet customer Alpine, WY