West Idaho Area Service Impact Update (6/18-1:24 PM)

Our team continues to diligently work with third-party geolocation providers to update their databases. While Hulu, Disney, Discovery+, Paramount, and HBO are still experiencing issues, we are making steady progress and remain committed to resolving this as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of your streaming services and appreciate your patience as we work through these challenges. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to expedite the resolution. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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2021 Fiberhood Signup Form

 Fiberhood 2021 signups are currently closed and we have not yet opened Fiberhood 2022 signups. Completing this form is not a guarantee of access to fiber service.*

We want to be able to communicate with Fiberhood residents about when we expect to be building in their area and needing access to their property. Please register and choose your fiber internet plan.
*For existing homes and businesses, construction is at no cost to you provided the distance from the mainline fiber to your home/business does not exceed 500 feet. For longer distances, customers may be required to share construction costs. If you are in the process of building at this address, please contact Customer Service at 877.883.2411 to guide you through the new construction process.

Contact Information

Email (All correspondence regarding the build out of the FIberhood and your installation will be sent to this address)*
Is your billing address different from your service address? *
Are you currently a Silver Star customer? *
Do you rent or own the property where you are looking for service? *
Please send this link to the property owner to complete as we need their permission for construction.
Are you renting this property to someone else?
If you would like us to communicate directly with the renter once the fiber has been constructed and it is time to install service, please provide their name, phone number and email address below.

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Are you interested in Enhanced Parental Controls (ExperienceIQ) for $9.99/month?
Please read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
Silver Star Fiber Optic Construction Permission

Silver Star is excited to be bringing fiber internet to your home. For your property to get a fiber optic internet connection, there are a couple of action items that you, as the property owner, will need to complete.
Silver Star responsibilities:
1. Silver Star will call and get the public locates (811) for the public utilities located on the property.
Silver Star will plow to the primary residence and provide the fiber connection at no construction cost to you, provided the distance from the mainline fiber to your home does not exceed 500 feet. For a longer distance, Silver Star will work with you on a shared cost of construction.
2. Silver Star will place the fiber, where possible, adjacent to the route of your existing copper or use existing conduit if available.
3. If there is not a previous copper connection or conduit, construction crews will need to plow the fiber to where your power meter is on the house. However, our construction crews will verify the route with you once onsite.
4. Silver Star will clean up the construction area of rock and debris, but you may need to reseed or otherwise care for the area to restore to original condition.
Property owner responsibilities:
1. The property owner is responsible to locate all private utilities such as: waterlines, septic systems, sprinklers, secondary power, etc. that are on the property. Marked locations must be visible prior to scheduled construction. When the public locates are done, you will know it is time to mark your private utilities.
2. The cost of repairing private utilities that are not located and identified prior to construction will fall on the property owner.
3. By accepting these terms you verify that you are the property owner or authorized agent.
4. By accepting these terms you give permission for construction on your property. Silver Star will place the new fiber in the existing internet line duct, if available, which should prevent the need to dig on the property. Otherwise Silver Star will place the fiber along the buried electrical line. If there is aerial power coming into the home, Silver Star will work with the customer on how best to bring the fiber to the home.
5. By accepting these terms you give Silver Star permission to contact you regarding construction status by email, text or phone call using the information you provided.
*Silver Star is committed to protecting your privacy. View our complete Privacy Policy at SilverStar.com

Download a copy
2021 Permission Sheet
Accept Terms & Conditions – Required
If you have any questions please call us 877.883.2411
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