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Media Release: Silver Star ends its 2020 construction for the Star Valley CARES Fiberhood

January 18, 2021, Thayne, WY- Silver Star Communications announces the end of its 2020 construction season for the southern Star Valley Fiberhood, supported by CARES Act funding as approved by the Wyoming Business Council at its August meeting.

Using its employees and several construction companies from other states, Silver Star has placed almost 133 route miles of conduit and main cable into the ground, passing 2,825 locations, which now have access to multi-gig capable fiber-optic broadband services.  Connections to homes and businesses resulted in an additional 171 miles of conduit and fiber, making the project substantially complete.

The concentrated effort and comprehensive upgrade change the possibilities for education, business, and other opportunities afforded by having access to the world’s most cutting-edge broadband technology.

“What we have accomplished is incredible,” said Barbara Sessions, Vice President, and COO. “The effects that fiber optic broadband is having on our communities is profound for the future of learning, working remotely, and providing easier access to services such as telemedicine,” Sessions added. “We’ve had overwhelming support from people and businesses of upper Star Valley who have benefited by the technology this project offers. The impacts we are having on their lives and the feedback we are receiving is why this was worth the effort.”

Silver Star explained that the company completed the majority of the construction before the winter weather shut down work in the ground. While grant funds are no longer available, the company will be returning in the spring to complete the remaining construction. Silver Star is continuing to work on turning up internet services for those customers who signed up.

“Once again, Silver Star Communications has come through for Star Valley. First, knowing the importance of high-speed internet in Star Valley and then understanding how to coordinate the CARES Act funding in a way that would lead to customers receiving this incredible high-speed service. This new service opens up unprecedented opportunities for business, education, and entertainment for Star Valley residents,” said Wyoming Senator Dan Dockstader.

“A few years ago, Silver Star became the first Wyoming company to offer gigabit service to their customers, and now they lead the way with this latest high-speed internet project in the Upper Valley. Simply, this is a company that delivers service to its customers. We are honored to have Silver Star Communications in Star Valley. There is little else that compares in Wyoming,” Dockstader added.

Silver Star indicated that it has been communicating the next steps with its customers to continue construction in the spring of 2021. On another bright note, the company estimates that the construction crews and other project spending have resulted in at least $1.2M of positive economic impact for Star Valley during a very trying business climate due to the pandemic.