Idaho Falls internet outage; Email outage

Update: the Idaho Falls internet outage has been resolved. Email accounts are coming back online as well but may still take some time. Will post an update here when all are restored.

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, May 6, 2020

2020 Silver Star Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of our 2020 Silver Star Communications Scholarship Awards!

  • Hailey Astle
  • Rachel England
  • Brody Hillyard
  • Kesslee Hurd
  • Lily Jenkins
  • Julianna Jensen
  • Nathan Matthews
  • Tanner Merritt
  • Michael Pallan
  • Adelaide Roberts
  • Darbi Sessions
  • Jarom Jenkins
  • Jazzlyn Winder
  • Venice Bocardo
  • Annalea Brown
  • James Fullmer
  • Caysea Lerwill
  • Amelia Wilson
  • Addie Burton
  • Dillon Foley
  • Makia Haderlie
  • Carson Johns
  • Hadley Leissring
  • Danielle Smith
  • Gabrial Young
  • Emory Myler

We express our best wishes to all graduating seniors for great success and happiness!