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, September 6, 2019

Media Release: Silver Star Announces Largest Capital Investment Strategy in Company History

Thayne, WY, September 6, 2019 – Following a $50 million investment over the past ten years, Silver Star Communications intends to change the future of communications technology in the region over the next ten years. The company is announcing its commitment to invest $100 million toward improving and expanding its regional broadband network to pave the way for ever-increasing technology needs over the next decade.

Through a combination of Silver Star’s own capital investment and federal support, the company is planning to expand fiber optics to areas that are currently served by copper or fixed wireless internet delivery. While much of this massive investment will be steered toward delivering fiber optic services to residential communities in Silver Star’s regulated areas of Star Valley, Wyoming, and Swan Valley and Teton Valley, Idaho, an extensive investment will be allocated toward fiber network expansion in other areas of western Wyoming and eastern Idaho.

Included in the $100 million, $92 million is allocated for fiber deployment and $3 million for other broadband delivery technologies. $5 million is earmarked for additional software, and employee training and development to ensure that the company isn’t just delivering cutting edge technology but great customer experience.

“Our mission is to enrich lives through exceptional customer experiences and innovative uses of technology. Bringing fiber to as many homes and businesses as possible is certainly one major component of that. Right now, a key initiative is taking place at Silver Star where we are taking real steps to improve our customers’ experience,” said Silver Star CEO, Allen Hoopes.

“This not only involves expanding and improving our services but also investing in technologies and employee development so that customers have the best possible experience with our company. This $100 million commitment sets us up to do just that over the next ten years,” Hoopes added.

Silver Star indicated that a great deal of strategy, planning, and engineering work needs to take place to determine where, how, and when the investment will be implemented. In the coming months, Silver Star will be incorporating technology to engage the community and encourage their involvement in helping to determine when and where the fiber investment will take place. The company intends to provide ongoing communications as its investment plans become solidified.