Security Systems

You've invested in your business systems and may have inventory on hand. Protect your investment and your future with a security system from Silver Star.

  • Be alerted to the presence of carbon monoxide, smoke/fire and flooding, whether you are there or not. 
  • Prevent burglary and intrusion. Deter burglars when you put them on notice that you have a security system. If someone does break and enter an alarm typically causes them to run away but also notifies monitoring staff who can dispatch the police to your business. 

“A commercial establishment that appears to have a well-wired, centrally monitored alarm system, with both perimeter and motion detectors, supplemented with CCTV is a difficult target and is not likely to become a burglary target.”
- Securing Home and Business: A guide to the Electronic Security Industry, Simon Hakim & Edwin A. Blackstone, p. 68 Butterworth-Heinemann, 19 Dec 1996

Security services available through Silver Star:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Secure Real-Time & Event-Triggered Video
  • Remote Alarm System Arm/Disarm
  • Control Lighting, Temperature & Equipment – consider integrating it all with Smart Control System (link)
  • Email and Text Alerts

How video can be good for business

Having a video feed doesn’t just protect you from outside threats, it can help you grow and develop your business and employees too:

  • A security camera system gives employees an advantage because they know who is around and where things are placed.
  • Video can be an important training tool, offering real scenarios and opportunity for feedback.
  • Video can also help you learn how to serve your customers better. What attractions are popular? What areas get the least traffic?
  • Security cameras outside your business not only deter vandals and thieves, employees may feel more safe leaving the business.

Security: Good for your bottom line

  • Security systems may be tax deductible! Check with your insurance agent. In addition, video security systems can be used as a line of defense against false insurance claims.
  • Low Monthly Rate - Silver Star Security can help protect your property for less than $1 a day.

Contact us to set up a consultation to identify your security priorities and tailor a system to meet your needs and budget.